Sunday, May 6, 2007

progress and disappointment

finished most of the wiring. Only connections left are the charging systems.

Which leads me to my conclusions about 2-3-2.

Can it be done? Absolutely.

Will I do 2-3-2 with this droid? Probably not... at least not the way I am attempting to do it now.

My R2 fell over twice today. I broke a few pieces on the back door on the first fall, and then I broke the front arm carriage on the second. These events pretty much put a stop to building today.

I goofed around with some C code for vex thinking that I could just code my way around the problems. As I sat there and typed out a block of code I realized that the design I was using for 2-3-2 would not work.

The single most blatant flaw in my 2-3-2 design is the shoulder satellite motors. Not because the the teeth could break, but because in my design I am attempting to control both motors with a single controller. The legs would sometimes get out of sync with each other during my testing. It had been a minor issue that I didn't realize would be such a big problem.
If I used two controllers and built completely separate sensor packs for each leg to help keep everything in sync.. I still would face my ongoing challenges with my tilt rod setup, and feet.

At this point, I plan to pull most of the 2-3-2 components out of my droid. I am reviewing some of the information that Victor and Mike have available to change my shoulder setup to a static configuration. I am hoping that it will not take very long which will allow me to move on to some fun stuff.

Do not be afraid to try 2-3-2. I have a decent amount of info in this blog describing my attempt, but now I must leave it to those that are more mechanically inclined than myself.


Calvin Thomas said...

If your not going to do the 2-3-2 then just remove the motors from the Sat. housing and pin the gear inside the Sats. into the correct position. Thats what I'm donig to save weight and more room for other things.

Chris said...

sorry to hear this. i was really hoping you'd come up with something usable.

i want 2-3-2, but i'm going to wait until after C4. i've got a feeling there's going to be some tricked out droids there that have been kept secret.

Calvin Thomas said...

I had mentioned this to the builders group about 2-3-2. Since the A&A frame comes setup for Sat. motors and the gear can't handle the stress. Just use the Sats. as a mounting hinge and remove the motors. Then slide a solid shaft through the center hole in the Sats.all the way through from side to side and bolt it somehow to each leg. Then use a gear or lever inside the frame attached to the solid shaft for a drive.
This will tilt both legs at the same time without fail. I was looking at a drive motor setup that would have to be scaled down, But it would drive the legs for 2-3-2

This would work if someone wanted to invest some time.