Sunday, December 31, 2006

ordered bearing

Did not accomplish much today. I ordered a Rockler bearing.

Spent a few hours putting together a spreadsheet to determine what parts I need and indicate if there is a current run or parts are currently available vs unavailable.

It looks like alot of builders lean toward resin parts at the begining of thier build to lower the costs, but eventually switch to alu parts. I plan to work up another spreadsheet to compare the cost difference. Im sure the difference will be significant.

Nothing new on the Dome front...

Saturday, December 30, 2006

Dome Research

I spent a bunch of time today digging through some of the messages in the builders group and other sites.

R&J Dome -- no new domes till after new year
C&J Dome -- only 50 made? unknown availablilty
300mm Dome -- Tooling still in progress
C Dome -- non-aluminum? unknow status
Aspects Superdome -- non-aluminum .. but cheap
Webber Grill -- Steel.. cheaper but probably difficult to work with
D&D Dome -- older dome, not screen accurate.

I havn't made a decision on which one..

If I want it next week, it will be an Aspects dome, but I know that is not what I really want... so that means it will probably be into or after Febuary before I see a Dome.

Keeping my fingers crossed.

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Parts ordered

Placed my first part orders with Andy. I have ordered:

A&A Skins with extras
A&A Frame with Rocklear Gearset
A&A Leg set (all three legs with layered shoulders)
A&A PSI Lenses

I also sent an email to Ron about getting a dome.

I went by wallgreens looking for the LED lites that everyone has been talking about, but had no luck here in Georgia. I will be considering several other options since I am planning on using a computer to control my R2.

Sunday, December 17, 2006

First Post

This blog will follow my R2D2 build. I am in the earliest stages of research on how to build an R2D2.

Aquiring parts and tools shouldn't be too difficult after the begining of the year. I will make every effort to provide picutres and some descriptions as I make progress on this project.

I have been studing the information on the following links.