Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Long time No post

Welcome to all who have recently visited this blog.
Sorry I have not posted much over the past year. I am trying to get excited about this project again as several of the parts that I was waiting on have finally arrived.

Parts received over the past few months:
ALU frame
ALU front and rear logic surround
slip ring
JAG motor mounts
Jedi Control system
Skin mounting blocks

Parts on order:
ALU battery harnesses
ALU Feet locks

Parts still needed:
ALU periscope and fittings
NPC2122 motors

I will try to get some pictures this weekend.
I have assembled the frame and stuck one of Ryan's ALU legs on it just to test the fit.

The rest is still as it was back in October last year.

Dragon Con is coming up. I will not be attending but many of the builders from the east coast appear to be busy making plans to attend.

more soon.