Friday, May 4, 2007

pics and progress

300mm ALU Dome!!!!!
All the way back in my second or third post to this blog I considered my options for Domes. I played with an Aspects Super dome to create my R3-T2 red head...but this is the real deal!

Picked up a few resin parts from Keith. I lack Battery Boxes, braided hose, and a few other smaller odds and ends. Would like to get another set of feet also, but the resin ones will work for a while.

ALU parts from Daniel and Michael! Arms, LDP, and Leg struts.


During the wiring progress, I had to take off the top ring of my A&A frame. This is starting to look pretty messy in here. And it wasn't until later that I realized I had a fairly serious problem. Circled in Red is where the 2 motors are actually in contact with each other... this is bad. I sort of fixed this by shimming the center motor a bit and there is about a millimeter of clearance at the moment.

Installed a few switches which will be accessible via a front door panel.

This is the backside of these switches. They are DPDT with center off.
Also for anyone who has been keeping up, you probably notice that my center leg arm changed from black pvc+alu to plywood+alu. I had to make some modifications to the center leg because it wasn't traveling far enough. There isn't a ton of information out there, but some guesses at the center foot movement is between 9.5 inches and 11 inches. With this change I managed to get my center foot traveling about 10.5 inches. The center wheel may be just slightly visible when standing in 2 leg mode just below the edge of the skirt.

OK, this is the wiring about 70% done. Some wires are hanging loose at the moment so it looks fairly busy. Controllers, batteries, Sound, and other things are all wired up and ready.

Here is another shot of the back panel. Volt meters on the left tell me the status of my batteries. (the power is off at the moment)

These are the parts I still need to find a home for inside my droid. (Not pictured are the speakers that also need to be installed... somewhere.)

This is the space I am looking at to put the rest of this gear. Its going to be a very tight fit.. and I need to make sure there is enough clearance for the center foot arm. I also need to conserve space for my dome drive kit which should be in next week. That has to fit somewhere up front...I hope.

I ran out of wire.. and need to pick up some more disconnects. Plan to stop by radio shack and the post office tommorow.

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