Saturday, May 26, 2007

Back Door, Center Foot, Half moons

Last night I got the back door cut out. Most builders end up doing this step, and I am sure they had the same rush I felt when I got it completed. Very scary cut, with only about 1/8" play room on the line.

Today I started the weekend with my daughter. At one point she got into her toy box.

I got clear coats on most of the stuff I painted the other day. This was just a test fit of all the parts that are ready to be glued together. I hope to get that done tomorrow.

Center foot. This picture is actually the second attempt. I started pretty early with this foot and thought it was ready for auto body grey primer. It didn't take 5 mins after the first coat to see lots of cracks and pits starting to form in the primer. I spent the rest of the day striping and sanding the foot to get it back to this point.

I thought I might be able to finish up the center foot today, so I worked on Tom's half moons. They turned out very nice.

my predictions never come through... but tomorrow I hope to get the inner skin mounting to the frame figured out, complete the painting on the Center foot, and assemble the back door. You can see that I have my pile of clamps ready to go in the picture above.

I also have a copy of the C4 show that G4 broadcast. A link from the group website is available, or send me an email for the link.


Anonymous said...

The skins turned out nicely!!! Very impressive! I been watching your progress, and your droid is coming along great!!!

Anonymous said...

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