Wednesday, May 9, 2007

The new plan

The new plan is to strip out the excess 2-3-2 junk and just start putting all the parts I own together and make some progress. My droid has looked similar to this for the past 3 months, and I am fairly sick of it.

Going to focus on the body for a while, and let some of the other builders work on their 300mm Domes. I can then read their blogs to get the info to put it together.

Want to get the skins mounted by this weekend, and then start attaching all the other greeblies. Also need to finish up the electrical, which should be a snap now that I have truckloads of space inside the body.

I started Monday night. It took maybe 2 hours to rip all of the 2-3-2 parts out of my droid. This picture shows all 3 satellite motors removed.

Tuesday, I spent some time with all the extra A&A parts that I almost threw away a long time ago. These parts are essential for a non-satellite motor setup and helped me determine what bolts, nuts, washers, and bushings were needed to reassemble the shoulders. I didn't get any pictures, but I will try to remember to get some and post how I put my shoulders back together.

Wednesday, I went to the hardware store and picked up the parts I needed. I looked around for a few minutes at galvanized steel pipes. Trying to find a 1" and 3/4" pipes that fit together is a real pain. I have opted to just pass on the pipe stuff until I really run into a situation where I need it.

I brought the parts home, assembled the shoulders... put the legs on... turned the feet around (wheels in the back)...wired him up.. and he is rolling.

watch the video.
here is the direct URL:
Its a large file. About 10 meg, so give it a few minutes to load.
The lighting isn't so good, so I will get some more footage later this week.

OK, now for a question. Um... Did R2 ever pop a wheelie in the movies? Cause mine will if I give him full power from a dead stop. Will need to work on that a bit. He seems a tad fast.


Chris said...

spooky video dude :)

glad that he's still running around after the major surgery.

Calvin Thomas said...

Nice Video!!!
I can't wait to get mine moving.
Whatever you do, I would'nt remove the Sats. They make a perfect hinge even tough they don't work as drive motors. Figure out that idea I have about the solid shaft and you might be the 1st to have an actual working shoulder system.

agdros said...

I pulled the Sat motors completely. The A&A frame+leg kit comes with enough spare parts to build up the shoulder completely without the sat motors. I just used a lock washer instead of a normal one and tightend everything down.. those shoulders are not going anywhere unless I losen up the 4 bolts in each shoulder. I am very happy with this situation...because I plan to buy one of the ALU frames and shoulder hubs when they become available.