Monday, May 28, 2007

Memorial Day weekend

Star Wars is 30 years old. There are tons of specials on TV, and the Celebration IV convention is wrapping up in LA. For me it was the same as previous holiday weekends. I anticipate being able to get tons of work on R2 accomplished... and then not find the extra time to actually get stuff done.

I taped the skins on and started to line everything up only to chicken out... drilling holes in the skin is not easy. I may get the courage tomorrow.

I again wimped out on the back door. I have seen lots of people use JB weld here, but I decided that a 4 hour cleanup process was not in my schedule. I used silicone instead and was able to get this put together in about 30 minutes. I hope it holds and will attempt to glue on the panels tomorrow.

It probably looks fine from the photo, but the clips I used put tiny marks on the surface of the door. Not sure how I am going to fix this... but I will do some research. At worst case sanding down then entire surface and repainting. That will mean that I will loose the ALU in the gaps similar to a process that several other builders have had to go through.

I got the hardware for my center foot all figured out. The stem ball casters installed.

It was only after I had been to the hardware store that I remembered Jerry had a tutorial for this stuff. I was pretty close... I am using 2" screws and nylon spacers instead of what Jerry recommends. Will see how that works out.

Just the parts stacked...Waiting on the foot.

Finished painting the foot tonight. I'll put it together tomorrow.

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