Thursday, May 10, 2007

dome drive, shoulder shim, and skins

Got the Dome drive the other day, and started to figure out how to attach it to my A&A frame. I reconfigured the mounting plates to see if that would help me figure out where to put it.

I have a ton of stuff in the back of my R2, so its got to go in the front, but I will need to stay away from the arm carriage as much as possible. Looks like I will need to modify my A&A frame a bit to get this thing installed.

After not making progress on the dome drive, I decided to try and get something done, so I counter sunk the holes on my shoulder shim and mounted it to them to the legs.

After that, I decided to start cutting out the panels on the front skins. I cut out the back panels way back, but put the skins down when I was headed to the Southern Builders meeting. After the meeting my focus was diverted from the skins.

If you havn't noticed before... I am a very messy builder. This picture is proof.

Got to pickup some screws to mount the shoulders, booster covers, and a few other parts. I will try to do that tomorrow or saturday.


Chris said...

the dome motor mount will probably end up sagging from the pull of the spring if you install it like that.

agdros said...

how do you suggest I install it?

Chris said...

I'm really not sure as I no longer have an A&A frame to look at

Here's some photos of mine installed on a JAG frame

and more photos here

Even with things correctly used I get some sag

agdros said...

you reconfigured the platic parts similar to what I was planning to do. I just have them spread out in my picture.

agdros said...

speaking of frames.. I really want to see an alu frame run.

Chris said...

i gave up waiting and made my own alu frame.

agdros said...

I don't have access to a mill or know anyone that does. So I am waiting.

Anonymous said...

I think George "Chip" Luck is making a prototype of a frame that closely resembles a JAG frame. He was saying that he will give more info and start an interest list after C4. Hopefully it will come about!!!!

Anonymous said...

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