Tuesday, May 29, 2007

First Blues

Taking a few days off work. This first day, I wanted to make a dent in some things that have been dragging on for a while.

Frank's feet strips showed up. Good timing. This was the start of the 7th week from the time that Frank said he was shipping the parts. The must have taken the boat across the Atlantic.

I decided to get started on some Blue stuff. So I grabbed up a few of the body parts that needed to be painted, lightly sanded them, cleaned with Alu-prep, and primed.

Same steps for arms and ldp. Setup an old ladder and used some pieces of a wire coat hanger to hang these pieces.

While I waited for the primer to dry, I assembled my center foot. This will all need to be taken apart again, but I needed to make sure that my bolt/nylon spacer setup was going to function.

I must have missed taking the setup picture for this, but between trips running outside to primer and paint, I taped the back door panels on and glued them in place with silicone.

Pictures of Blue are coming... The paint still needs a few more coats. In the mean time I worked on mount the skins. I was already pretty nervous about my painting skills so it didn't take too much more stress to get the courage to drill holes in the skins.

Finally. For those wondering this is Krider method. Better pictures below.

Arms and LDP came out nice.

So there is this rule that your not supposed to work with freshly painted stuff... um.. yea sure.

I thought I had the arms all worked out, but I had actually never tested the mounting setup. This is the first guess and getting stuff lined up. Both arms are sagging quite a bit here.

Pulled the tape off the panels and the back door is starting to look much better. I will glue on the top panel tomorrow.

This is starting to look better. The bottom arm is still in trouble, but should be easy to fix.

Big day. It is a nice feeling to be able to make a bunch of progress.
(spell checker wasn't working. I'll fix stuff later)

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