Friday, March 2, 2007


Well it was raining today, so no painting. I haven't gone to hardware store for materials to build the feet, so It was on to the legs.
After a few quick notes from Andy again, It was clear that I needed to take apart my A&A frame.

The 2 large support pieces that run the length of the frame is where I will be mounting the drawer slides to guide the center foot. I cut these drawer slides following Alex Kung's tutorial. I thought I would only need 2 but it turns out I will need 4. Mounting 2 on each side. You will notice that the motor cutouts are also in the way, so I will be modifing the frame a bit to rotate the motors to the top center.

Alex mentioned that he would explain how he modified his drawer slides to stop the bearings from falling out, but I couldn't find it in his tutorial. Here is my solution circled in red, you can see that I made a few small cuts on the slide and then bent the stub down to block the bearings from falling out.

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