Sunday, March 4, 2007

Its ALIVE!!!

Got the frame back together, and since the dome is coming along, I decided to throw in my vex stuff and get some movement.

Click Here to see the movie, or copy and paste this URL:

The movie is about 6mb so it will take a few minutes on dialup.

In other news, The center leg is still pretty bound up. Therefore, I will be moving straight to 3 leg stance to simplify the process and actually get this guy standing.


Calvin Thomas said...

I plan to take 1 of the Vex motors to a friend of mine and see if he can rebuild it and quite it down.
If he can I'll tell you how to do it.

agdros said...

cool. I am on the ropes about using a vex motor for dome rotation. It does work but is way too noisy. Plus I am using the gear set that Andy provides for precise movement, but it adds to the noise also...

Calvin Thomas said...

I did'nt use the gear, I just used a wheel that came with the Vex kit.
With some grip tape on the bearing and it holds well. I did this incase someone force the dome in the opposite direction while its turning, It would have some give.
But your right about the noise.