Wednesday, February 28, 2007


ok, It has sunk in how much time I have left to get something working if I want to get to commence the cheating.

Dome is looking good. From this distance atleast.

Nothing is going to fall off under normal conditions, but there is a few pieces of tape and superglue in use here.

Darth Will, and Victor provided a few files to fake led solutions for logic displays. I grabbed up some transparencies and made a few.

Oh, here is a closer look at my dome which hasn't been seen before. You won't be able to count the imperfections that I have been ignoring. Again, anyone that etches a dome and makes it look really nice.. has my respect.

in other news.. dome electronics are coming along. I need to come up with a few PSI housings, and get a few more LED's. I have a pretty good blue, but my red, yellow, and green are really dim and not acceptable.

I also spent some time on the Carl's electronics pic flashers just to find out that the crystal is probably bad. Waiting on some information from the group before I seek an alternate solution.

Dome ring sanded and primered. Tape and Paint tommorow.. and repeat on Friday to finish dome.

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