Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Leg day part 2

Not much to report today. I got the big 1/2 bolts installed, got the bushings installed for the shoulder motor screws, and messed around with the ankle a bit.

Got some news from Andy, that he will be doing scooter motor mounts. I will definitely be getting these, because fabricating my own has giving me nightmares... if the shoulders, ankles and motor mounts are not lined up just right one of 2 things happens:
1. The foot and leg wobble noticeably when the droid is in motion.
2. The leg breaks off.

Anyway, no new pictures.

I have managed to acquire a few spare parts during my rush to get in on part runs that do not appear to happen very often. I will be posting these for sale on r2builders to recoup some of the cost on these items.

with motor mounts pending, I am taking a hard look at these resin feet. I may go another route for feet shells.

ALU skins, and FLS should be in the mail.
Daren updated the website on the 300mm Domes on March 2nd. There was some kind of issue with the inner domes and he has taken steps to correct the problem. The target delivery date has moved up to 3/28/7. keeping my fingers crossed!

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