Thursday, March 22, 2007

getting started again

not much to report except that taking a week and a half off really slowed down my progress.
I spent some time tonight disasembling the legs and front arm carrage. I plan to focus on those areas for the next few days and see if I can get get those parts to the point of being primered.

I picked up some metal files, and have been doing research on working with the alu skins. I am a bit intimidated by these things. They are large and curved, and can probably be messed up quite easily. I think I will start working on them this weekend.

Really debating weither or not I will go with just a static 3 leg droid or continue down the path of 2-3-2. Everything I have heard indicates that a 2-3-2 droid will eventually fall on his face. I have way too much invested to see my droid fall down.

Anyway, still thinking about the problems and starting to come up with some ideas.

more later.

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