Sunday, March 25, 2007

2-3-2 looks more like a reality

I spent alot of time this week considering the ideas/opinions I got last week at the Southern Builders. The question: to go with a static 3 leg droid or the challenge of making a functional 2-3-2.

At this point I have decided to continue on with the plan for 2-3-2. He may not do the conversion very often, but the ability should be there if needed. I will probably incorporate several extra locking mechanisms to help insure against falling over.

OK new pictures.

Started working on the skins. Got the back panels cut out of the inner and outer skin. Ill start working on the front skins tonight.

at the meeting last week I got a few ideas about how to deal with the A&A ankle. This is a picture of my progress there..

Home made AP tilt rod cams. 1/8" alu rods that I cut up with a hacksaw and then used a dremel and file to get them sort of in shape. I need to drill out a few more holes and the bigger hole needs to be drilled out some more also.

I had ordered a pipe to fit through the satelite motors from Mcmaster Carr.. but It was too small, and it was aluminum. I was very afraid to use it. The pipe here.. I must have looked at it so many times while walking through Lowes. I usually said to myself, its way to big in diameter, it will never fit. Well.. it does fit.. perfectly and it steel not alu. Its actually alittle tight, but that's a good thing. Sandpaper can turn it down enough.

Last is just some alu that I cut off of some kind of sheet metal pipe. Ill use this to cover the shoulder hubs.

more later.

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