Sunday, March 18, 2007

Southern Builders Meeting in Orlando

Interesting experience to say the least. The drive from north georgia to orlando only took about 8 hours. Mileage for the trip was on the nose at 1000 miles.

I had a great time meeting some other r2builders. I wasn't sure if I would fit in or not, but everything went well.

Daniel was a fantastic host. Thanks for having us.

The Pictures! I am leaving the images (very)large, so they may take a few moments to load.

This is a picture of most of the builders that were present. Calvin and Christopher had already left when we got the group together for this shot.

Mark standing over a fiberglass R2, and we can also see the back of Chip's droid.

Another shot of the fiberglass R2, the Blue paint on this was fantastic.

Calvin's Dome. Mirror shine!

Mark's R2. A&A body and legs. Lots of good information about what I have infront of me in my build since I will be using the same materials.

Robart hinges at work. This droid is looking great!

Ok, Daniel had a few droids in his foyer, and I decided to take a few snapshots. This one was from something in Epcot.

Fry Bot!

Coke Bot!

A surprise guest. This is a "Special" droid.

I think someone said this was Scott's droid, but Im not sure. It looks great.

The special droid and the r2builders group ALU droid next to each other.

Doug's Droid

General shot of some of the stuff that Mark brought.

The front of Chip's Droid.

Mark brought the A&A drink tray. He wanted to try it out and since my droid was the only 2 leg at the meeting, we set it on top.

Pretty sure we all had a good time.

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