Sunday, April 8, 2007

Return of the builder

The next post may be called revenge of the hacksaw since mine decided to take a chunk of flesh off my thumb. Every builder apparently suffers some damage while building. I guess that means my robot is not going to live by the Asimov laws.

moving on... There isn't too much here, but this is the little bits of stuff I have managed to work on over the past week. I hope to get back to posting regular updates now that my yard project has the major bits completed.

Paint tests. terrible picture. The white is over exposed, and the blue didn't like its picture being taken either. I think these came out alright. I actually did this work a week ago. I have been doing scratch tests to see how it is holding up. Definitely takes a week for this stuff to really harden up good.

OK 2-3-2 stuff.

This first shot shows the cam, pipe, and leg rod all assembled in the 2 leg position. (everything is upside down.) I have the cam just a bit lower than 3 o'clock right now and this may need to be adjusted more.

The pipe is secured to the frame using a flat bar that I bent and tapped a few holes. This is the inside of the A&A frame to the left of the center leg motor mount.

I haven't trimmed the bottom of my leg rods, because I am waiting on feet motor mounts. There is a red line right at the base of the leg on the rod.

Here the legs are rotated to the 3 leg position. Notice the cam stays in the same position relative to the frame.

Last.. the rods sticking out of the legs at the 3 leg position. Again notice the red line. (sorry this picture is terrible) It appears that the rod moves almost exactly 1.25 inches. I have no clue if this is good or bad right now. I am hoping that it is good.

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