Friday, April 13, 2007

1 step forward - 3 steps back

After spending alot of time doing math... I put my pencil down and decided to just hack off enough of the rod to put the parts together and see what was going on inside the foot.

I cut off about 5 inches on each flat bar, which puts them around 24" long. My math had told me to cut it to 22" but I was still not sure if that was right so I left myself some room.

Here is the first attempt. This was actually last night, and the feet are moved to the correct position. This gave me a good indication about how much more of the rod needed to be trimmed and where to drill the hole.

It was about this time that I threw away the paper that had all my math on it and started to eyeball this thing a bit closer..

This shot shows how the rod enters the foot. The red circle is the legrod.

and then... well I didn't get pictures but bad stuff happened.
This picture just shows you that I did get the distance, and the holes drilled.. but what it doesn't' show is that I had everything assembled and got my wife to help me stand him up.

At first he was OK.. and then he started to lean back on those leg rods.. and he kept leaning back.. and back.. until the foot was touching the leg. I thought something was bending but it turns out. The split clamps were failing.

I pulled everything apart and tried my best to get these as tight as possible, but no luck. They just wont tighten down enough on the rod. I must have taken off too much metal when I was sanding.

solution.. I'm going to try and key the rod and the clamp. Ill use a screw to lock the clamp to a specific location. If that doesn't work.. I have a few more clamps on the way... and the hunt for another rod begins tomorrow.

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