Wednesday, April 11, 2007


no pictures today, but trust that I am working on my robot.

I have crunched a bunch of numbers and came up with some min/max values for rod length and min/max distance for leg rod to ankle from ankle bolt.

at this point the minimum length (from bolt to bolt) that my rod can be is 22.055 and the max is 22.0625... not much variance there so I am getting very close on the length.

the distance from the ankle bolt to connect the rod is (again bolt to bolt) .. min .5 and max 1.625 so about an inch of play there. I would really like to nail this space down to less than .25 of an inch so still a bit more math to do.

I did figure out that the cam I took the measurements from is sitting at 109 degrees which is why its looks like its pointing to somewhere just before 4 o'clock in the shoulder.

(btw, I wouldn't use these numbers on your robot until I provide the proof. Because of the length of the rod, and the very tiny angles.. a miscalculation will cause your droid to fall over.)

OK more soon

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