Saturday, April 14, 2007

some progress.. new problems

Well I was pretty disappointed last night when the cams failed and R2 started to fall over.. but I gotta keep moving forward. I decided to stay away from the cams and leg rods till I made some progress on the center leg.

There is some question of how sturdy the front leg support plate is that holds the center leg motor. Andy had mentioned sending me the extra part, but not sure if that's actually going to happen, so I proceeded to make my own out of some spare PVC from the original frame.

I placed this panel over the top of the front leg support plate and ran a few screws through it. I wanted to make sure that this thing was secured to the right and left mid plates (review the A&A frame documentation to identify the mid plates)

lets see.. Electronics. I started wiring a few things together to get the shoulder motors and center leg motor working. Its a mess but everything seems to be working.

I used alligator clips to connect the motors temporarily since I need a way to quickly connect and disconnect.

hmm... that was actually pretty easy. Everything went together on this without too many issues. Watch the Video!

Well.. after all that I decided to go back to the cams and the tilt rods. No new insight. I managed to break a few screws trying to tighten stuff down. Those will pose a serious challenge to remove or repair. But when I put my tools down for the day I had managed a new milestone. R2 is on 3 legs. Doesn't appear to be the correct angles.. but he isn't falling over.

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