Saturday, April 28, 2007

must fix things before I go much further

OK I'm sure you guys are getting tired of seeing the same old pictures, but I had to take a step back today. While I was working on wires yesterday It occurred to me that I had several details that need to be addressed before I could really feel comfortable with R2 rolling around. So I pulled the batteries and flopped him over on his head.

One of the first things I worked on was the feet. You will notice that the wheel axle is sitting in the lowest slot.. This puts the wheel a bit lower than the ball caster which makes the foot tilt. I decided this was not what I wanted. This also impacts my leg rod setup and a cascade of other things.

so I took everything apart...
Legs, Feet, and a portion of the leg rod system all in a pile.

My A&A frame with just a few bits of wiring. I spent some time on the frame going through my threaded rod setup. There were a few places that needed to be tightened down and others rods needed some adjustments.

One thing that has been in the back of my head this past week is how cramped the space is getting inside the frame. These are my battery chargers, and I am really curious to see where I can jam these into my droid.

My plan was to have a power strip somewhere inside r2 that provides power to both of these chargers, my Vex charger, and a few AA battery chargers. That power strip would terminate to this C13 outlet. A computer cable could be used to plug him into an AC outlet.

There is some space between the center vents and the arm for the center foot, but I will need to build something to hold them in place. This also throws out the idea of having speakers sit behind these center vents... so I am still not sure about it.

more tomorrow I hope.

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Do you have the ball caster inthe lowest slot as well. Its made to be adjustable to match the height of the wheel. If its still not right consider using some washers to make the caster longer. The thread is plenty long enough to allow that.