Thursday, April 26, 2007

2 legs - leg rods 95% completed

Standing on 2 legs again. No duct tape this time. Leg rods almost completed. There is still a fair amount of slop in the leg rod system at the feet and just the smallest amount of slop in the shoulder. I plan to replace the screw in the shoulder to fix that part, but the slop in the feet will need another day to think about how to solve.
Front shot.

Oh.. didn't realize you could see the electronics on the above picture. The connection bar, and the blue box are on the backside of the electronics that are shown below. I actually have the Vex power charger connected to the battery and the vex controller. The switch shown below is the toggle to put him into a charging position. Its a 3 position switch on, off, charge is the current setup.
Back shot.

Head on backwards.

This picture didn't turn out very well, but this was how I solved my rod to frame problems. I actually cut my 1/2 tube and then used 2 collars and some aluminum bars.
This gives me better access to wiring, and I can individually adjust each leg right here without having to disassemble the shoulder cam components.

While I was cutting aluminum, I cut some pieces to mount a few batteries.

And here the battery is in place.

I should be working on wiring for the next day or two. After that I will be programming my vex for several days.


Chris said...

Nice work. Can't wait to see a video of the legs in action.

how are you programming the Vex? EasyC or MPLAB?

Are you bring him to C4?

agdros said...

I will probably start with EasyC just to flesh out some of the basics, and then move into MPLAB. I plan to have all of my code available on this blog.

I will not be at C4. I am planning to have him completed and at DragonCon this Sept.