Monday, July 16, 2007


I didn't want to be one of those people that stopped posting regularly when I started getting close to the end.. but finding time to post, or work on my droid has been difficult.

So, this past week I spent plenty of time working on the Ankles and legs. This is the results. Some things are not perfect, and others are pretty darn close.

Tom's cylinders and wedges came in today. These are just dry fit in place. I will paint them when it stops raining.

I managed to get the back door mounted. It is not right. I will spend some more time on this after I finish the other leg.

Shoulder to leg hub. I am using the A&A leg kit so I had to skin the shoulder hub with some aluminum. I found a sheet metal pipe at the hardware store... and after a few hours of cutting/test fitting, I came up with these. It will work till my ALU hubs come in.

Got a little over a month left to go for Dragon Con. I hope to get a skirt and feet shells before then, but am considering alternatives at the moment.

Things completed:
mounted rear door
mount under shoulder details
designed shoulder hub cover
attached shoulder hub cover
assembled leg

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