Wednesday, July 18, 2007


Another shot ... This picture provides a view of the area that I have been using to build. Its my Dinning room.

So what is left:
Dome electronics
Battery Boxes
Hoses & Knurled fittings
minor Tweaks to back door
Center Ankle
Paint Cylinders and Wedges

Its been raining for a few days so no Painting. I don't have feet, or skirt... and so moving on to 300mm Dome.

I marked the inside of the panels and dome, then used a hacksaw blade to remove the panels. I got about half of the tabs filed down, and need to scrape the slag off still.

All the panels cut out. Need to file the tabs and scrape the slag.

This dome shouldn't take too long to get it looking right. Just need to spend a few more days cleaning up the parts, and hope to get some painting done within the next week. After that, cut a few holes and assemble.

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TiePilot said...

Gee thanks now I have another avenue to blow all my cash on, as if the figures weren't enough :)

I would have replied on reddit, but we all know how that is going today...