Monday, July 2, 2007

Two Legs! -- steps back and forward

This past week, I tried to stay busy but was still a bit distracted. You will notice a few new links in the "Other" category. I have started looking at the possibility of converting a car from gas to electric. Research has begun.

OK, 2 Legs this time. This was actually around last Tuesday night, but it didn't last long. I had planned to build the ankles separate but the more I worked with them, the less confident I was in being able to attach everything securely. Will get into more of this later...

Acetone bath for my power couplers. If you followed the message boards this week you will see a nice thread about painting power couplers. Anyway, these are almost back to the start. Some of the primer is still on and I will need to sand them just a touch before starting to repaint.

Stepping back. After making decisions about the ankle, I jammed it all together with a ton of screws... glued on the styrene pieces.. and then picked super glue off my fingers for a few hours.

As I was saying earlier, I just didn't trust the strength of the ankle as a completely separate component. I also had to deal with Keith's resin "beefy part." I didn't want that thing flying off... so its held in place by 4 screws. 6 Bolts, and 6 screws hold the ankle parts to the leg. This had better work.

Not sure if I mentioned my distaste for Bondo. I was never able to get consistency that I liked, which would last more than about a minute. So after some research, I found this stuff. Its pretty much the same stuff, but its already pre-mixed and in a squeeze tube! I'll use this to fill the gaps in the ankle and a few other places on the legs.
...and on another note, because I made the ankle decision after I painted my legs white, I will be doing a fair amount of sanding. The entire legs will probably get a fresh coat of paint.

I have JAG's outer feet on order so I picked up a few of Darryl's mounts. These are drive wheel only mounts, so no stem casters. 3 legged only motor mounts.

Last, I did some more electrical work.
Its getting a bit messy, but on the right side you can see my battery chargers are mounted. These chargers are plugged into the power strip, and connected the batteries. I held off on these for a long time, because I was concerned about space issues.

more soon!

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