Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Magnum or William Shatner

My r3t2 decided to strike a pose. Not sure if this is his magnum face, or his impersonation of William Shatner. Its hard to tell.

Stuff done:
mounted front coin return
mounted second side vent
mounted side plates
mounted second octagon port
mounted skins
painted power coupler
partially mounted power coupler
adjusted dome ring and Rockler bearing to fix alignment issues

Some ALU frames are now available. I want one, but they are fairly expensive, and switching out frames is not a simple overnight job. At this point if I purchased the frame, I would be setting myself up to build a second droid.
In other words, I have not decided if I want to purchase the frame.

This next statement is not meant to offend the r2builders. Building an R2D2 is not only about owning a custom build robot that shares the likeness of a childhood hero of mine... for me it has been a learning experience, a bridge to mechanical engineering, and a chance for me to use some of my artistic skills which have been neglected for several years.

It has never been my intention to just build an R2D2. I hope to build/modify/invent new things with the skills and knowledge I have gained.

not sure where all that came from... I'm not even close to being done with this project so I better stay focused... back to building!

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