Tuesday, July 3, 2007

electrical work & Task List

No pictures today. I have reached a stopping point on the electronics in the body of R2. His charging system, is completed.

I also got the dome drive wired, and speakers connected.

Things I need to finish up the body:
mount coin slots
complete the construction of Coin returns
mount coin returns
paint Power couplers
mount power couplers
drill holes in Center vents
mount center vents
design Side vent attachment scheme
mount side vents
cut out Side panels
mount Side panels
mount octagon ports
get Skirt (on order at the moment)
do all work regarding skirt and mount

Leg work needed:
put body filer on legs/ankles
prime and paint
mount under shoulder details
mount ankle details
mount cylinder holders
mount cylinder with wedges (on order)
glue parts for shoulder hub
Assemble leg and attach to body

Feet work needed:
get feet.. and do all the work needed (on order)
get battery boxes.. and do all the work needed (on order)
get knurled fittings and hoses.. and do all the work needed (on order)
paint resin battery harnesses and mount
assemble motor mount and attach to foot.

Aspects dome work needed:
fix pic flashers
swap out leds on psi flasher
mount psi housing and electronics
mount pic flashers
re-drill holes to align dome ring with rocklear bearing
put felt pads in holo projectors

300mm dome work needed:

That's the short list of things I want to get done asap. I need this droid project to be completed within the next 6 weeks or he will be missing parts at DragonCon.

I doubt that I will get much of the 300mm dome work done, but if some of the parts I need are not available, then there will be time.

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