Sunday, July 8, 2007

Octagons, Doors, and Vents... Oh my!

Got a few things done.
mounted coin slots
mounted 2 of 3 coin returns
mounted center vents
designed Side vent attachment scheme
mounted side vents
cut out Side panels
mounted Side panels
mounted 1 of 2 octagon ports
put body filer on legs/ankles
some sanding done

Not all items listed above are pictured.

Rear Octagon Port installed. I also got both of the rear side doors installed. I used a method which I will describe later in this post.

This picture is from inside. I just decided to drill through the entire octagon port and use some longer screws to mount. I had been trying to figure out what size screws to use, and ended up just using 8/32 after a fair amount of drilling.

Side vent mounted. Some people are probably looking at this and saying... um... why is only half the skin mounted?. And how is it staying on?

Here is the first part of the answer to the mounting question. I am using a cabinet door magnet. I used a few nylon spacers to get it positioned correctly... and oh don't you like my zip ties holding my battery in place =D

This is the back of the vent. I know it looks messy but nobody should see this. The plate that attaches to the magnet is on the left and on the right I used some scrap from the skins to add a lip to the bottom inside of the vent.

I then used some styrene to fill the gap so that it was a nice tight fit. You can see the styrene sticking out on the left.

OK... got to get the other side vent fixed up and the other octagon. I hope to get those done tomorrow.
Running out of time. Setting a goal of 6 weeks. Wish me luck.

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