Saturday, January 27, 2007

Pics and Parts

Ok I promised more pictures, and here they are.

Parts and Parts.
Resin Outter Feet.

Box of resin parts from a member on the list. I think I have ordered some of these from Keith. Will probably have a few spare parts.

Oh here is the rear logic display parts. This is the before picture... I did mention that I pretty much destroyed this stuff. So much for learning to solder.

Ok so on to actually doing something!
I made the decision that some progress somewhere was absolutely necessary. I spent all night working on marking up the dome. This morning I picked up my dremel and just started goin at those top pie panels.

Using the top screw as a pivot point made the circles really easy. The straight lines were really hard in comparison. The discoloration is from the primer getting sanded off. If you recall the aspects dome started out clear.
This needs a bit more sanding, but I am satisfied with my efforts.

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