Monday, January 22, 2007

lots of pictures

gonna just slam a bunch of pictures up here.. ill try to comment on each one..

I mentioned earlier that I was unhappy about my line work on my dome, and had re-primered. This is some new line work, and I'm still fairly disappointed with my efforts. Getting this right is not easy at all!

I have started to question my dome ring. I was pretty excited about it a week ago, but now that I have my frame (pictures lower in this post) I find that it is just a bit larger than it needs to be. I will be coming up with a way to cut down the diameter later this week.

Styrene parts. From the skins kit that I got from Andy, I was surprised to finally figure out what the "extras" included. I managed to get a few of the parts assembled, and am using sandwich bags to keep the pieces of each part separated.

And here is the A&A frame. Just threw the aspects dome and ring on top to try it out.

Frame by itself.

I mounted the satelite motors while I was building the frame. From other tutorials this seemed to be the best practice.

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