Sunday, January 14, 2007

not much accomplished...

today was a bust.. i hopped to make some progress this long weekend. When I woke up, I found out that my daughter was sick with a low grade fever, and that my mother was coming over. This was not a great start but I decided to try and get something done before it got to late in the morning. I headed to the hardware store, to picked up the items I thought I would need to get started on the dome.

Many interruptions later, I was still scratching my head about how to proceed. I tried to mark up some plywood that I planned to cut a circle to support my dome ring, but I guess my head wasn't quite into it. The circle didn't come out so good, but I was still wanting to do something so I grabbed my jigsaw and was starting to cut the plywood towards the circle I had created... and the battery died. I went searching for another battery, and it was dead also.

At this point I was interrupted again, and didn't get back till around 7pm... I took my dome outside and sprayed on a coat of primer. I hope to try and just mark up the dome tommorow. The dome ring has me stumped at the moment.

I keep looking at Norby's dome ring and wondering how he pulled that off.

I should probably just throw all this stuff in a box, and wait for my body and legs to show up. The dome ring will make more sense when I see how it will need to be attached to the bearing.

I need to pickup a new drill, sander, and jigsaw.

just a bit frustrated at my lack of progress considering the mess I am making...

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