Sunday, January 21, 2007

sick most of the week

family came down with some bug so I have been taking it easy this week.

Lots of parts came in. I will post again later with pictures.

A&A frame arrived
A&A leg kit arrived
A&A skins + extras arrived
Resin front and rear logic display surrounds
Radar eye lens

I worked alot on the frame. It is assembled but there were a few problems. I am waiting on a few replacement parts before that is completed.

I left the leg kit in the box, I needed to understand how the frame went together with the satelite motors.

I have been playing with the skin extras. It looks like about 11 or 12 parts can be completed using the styrene kit. These parts include:

3 coin returns
2 side vents
2 pocket vents
1 front upper vent internals
1 front lower vent internals
2 octagonal ports
and a few others..

Notes on dome: I hated my markup of the dome so I washed it off and reprimered it. I have since put in on the floor under the table. I may start working on it again soon.

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