Sunday, January 14, 2007

finding my pace

Today was a little better, although I find it hard to understand why I am not making more progress.

I worked on marking up my dome a bit. I will probably be washing this off and starting over... maybe use a pencil.

I also worked on my dome ring. I am pretty happy with how this is coming together. These are the crochet hoops. I glued 2 of the inner rings stacked. They are 18.25" in diameter. I then shortend the length on another hoop and made it 18" which is the diameter of the Aspects dome. I then cut a piece of plywood to use as a support, and also as a way to attach the ring to the bearing. Here are a few shots.

I need sand down the outer ring at the top to hide the diameter change. I also plan to cover the ring with a few strips of lexan. It may make the ring a bit wider than it needs to be, but I plan to sand on it quite a bit before I get to that part.

The height is correct, and you can see the bearing underneath it on the second picture. I probably wont glue this completely together until I get my body. I want to make sure its going to fit properly.

Tommorow I will be working on marking up the dome some more I think. Still trying to decide if I am going to etch the dome or just do the most basic cutouts.

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