Saturday, February 24, 2007

Dome Work

Lots of work on this R3-T2 dome today. I managed to get the resin radar eye sanded, still needs a bit of work but I hope to have this done tomorrow.
The alu version will go on my R2-D2 dome.

I got my dome ring coming along. It needs some bondo and sanding before I paint.

Rockler bearing mounted. Thanks Andy for answering my questions last night in chat. The answers cleared up several questions I had about mounting this to the A&A frame.

Dome ring on rockler bearing.

Holo projectors. Got them painted and mounted.

Would like to finish up this dome tomorrow, but I know that the dome ring is going to take another day or 2 because of bondo+sanding+painting. I also have a fair amount of electronics to work on for this dome. It will hopefully be completed by the end of this week, and then I can start focusing on other tasks.

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