Saturday, February 10, 2007

sneaking in some work on electronics

I picked up a victor 884 and a few parts from IFI. Just finished a few quick tests.

Used the arcade mode 2 motor, hooked up the Victor 884 (which has a blinky light.. which will continue to blink until it is connected properly) to motor port 1. Have to have the signal driver cable, and it must be connected in the proper direction.

connected 12v to the v884, and then connected a meci saturn motor.(it gave a little click when I was hooking it up) I pressed up on the channel one stick on the remote, and the motor started to spin.

One drawback I can see so far is the connectors that Vex and IFI products use, they are intentionally backwards apparently. I am talking about the connectors not the wires themselves. This is by no means a road block, but I was expecting everything to just plug right in, but that wasnt the case.

I got the programming kit and just ordered all the rest of the motor controllers that I will need... it was kinda pricey, but I think Calvin was right, the RC/autonomus ability of the Vex system is going to really add that extra touch.

I will probably mockup all of the controllers and sensors when they all come in, and start working on my code. 2-3-2 control just got super far as electronics. Fabrication is a completely different situation, although I think I am getting closer to figuring out what I want to do with the leg rods.

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