Sunday, June 3, 2007

skins almost done

Been working on the skins on and off the past few days. This set of pictures spans from last Thursday to today. I know it doesn't look like much, but this stuff took time.

On Friday I got my panels all taped into place. I used silicone to glue everything that was going to be semi-permanent.

I did the same with the arm sections of the skins.

Saturday, I started messing around with the Robart Hinges. I tried a few different setups to see how to make these things work. Using silicone made this testing process easy to tear apart and start over.

While I was waiting for the silicone to dry, I managed to get a few things painted. I still need to paint the power couplers and coin slots.

Skins on. Dome set on top just for effect. You will notice that I have one door open. This is my problem door. I will need to solve a few problems...specifically the threaded rod that is right in the way.

All the doors open.
This is looking better, but several tweaks need to be done.

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Chris said...

awesome dude. the skins are the next big thing i need to work on.