Sunday, June 24, 2007

progress again

From my past posts, it is probably very noticeable that I can not keep focus on one aspect of my droid at a time. This post is not unlike the rest. I have been working on things all over my droid. You name it, I worked on it.

This post represents several days work, and I will probably have another post for the stuff I get done today.

A week ago I ordered a nibbler from radio shack. My goal with this item is to complete coin returns using the tried and true method provided by Chris Lee.

Chris Lee's Coin Return Tutorial

This picture is my first steps to completing my coin returns. I will have more pictures in my next post about these.

Legs. I did some bondo work on my legs a few days ago. Although they are not 100% smooth, I am fairly satisfied with the results. Some people seem to like bondo. I will pass on it the next time I am in a situation where I can use something else.

ah.. more coin return stuff. I was apparently working on these while I was waiting for bondo to dry and or just getting out of the heat.

Legs primed. Used an old ladder and some coat hangers to suspend these while painting.

And white paint. Got 3 good coats on these and they are looking very good.

ALU horseshoes from Daniel were very easy to work with. Just ran a 600 grit sandpaper over it, cleaned it with ALU-prep, primed and painted.

This is stuff I am actually working on right now. I am doing this post while waiting for this coat to dry. This represents the bulk of the blue paint I need to get done before Dragon Con. I still need to do my 300mm dome work, but I am thinking that will wait till this fall.

OK, more tonight probably... and sorry for the delay on updating this site. My personal issues still continue. I have made contact with a lawyer and hope that I can get through this without her help.

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