Saturday, December 30, 2006

Dome Research

I spent a bunch of time today digging through some of the messages in the builders group and other sites.

R&J Dome -- no new domes till after new year
C&J Dome -- only 50 made? unknown availablilty
300mm Dome -- Tooling still in progress
C Dome -- non-aluminum? unknow status
Aspects Superdome -- non-aluminum .. but cheap
Webber Grill -- Steel.. cheaper but probably difficult to work with
D&D Dome -- older dome, not screen accurate.

I havn't made a decision on which one..

If I want it next week, it will be an Aspects dome, but I know that is not what I really want... so that means it will probably be into or after Febuary before I see a Dome.

Keeping my fingers crossed.

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